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You made a special appointment with the doctor because your child is 8 months old and still not sitting up. You go through the process to obtain the referral to the physical therapist, but it takes six weeks! Or how about this? Your child is two years old and you're concerned because he's only saying two words. You wait 3 months to get that referral to the speech therapist, but when you call to make the appointment, they tell you there's a six month wait to be seen! And let's not even talk about those expensive co-pays. And what about the doctors who say there's nothing wrong? That your kid is normal and you just need to give him some time? But your gut tells you something is off.  We get it.


Online Therapy - Video Exercises  


Video Excersis for childsIn response to the bureaucratic nonsense of waiting for physical, occupational and speech therapy services, we developed this video library of gross motor, fine motor, and speech exercise videos you can do with your child right now. You'll receive instruction from our licensed therapists and therapy assistants.  And our exercises are real-life.  Our kiddos squirm and wiggle while our therapists work with them.  And yes, sometimes they even whine and cry.  But that's okay!  Our goal is to give you a real-life picture of what kids do when you perform the exercises with them and real-life instruction so you can overcome the obstacles.  


Now, this website is not meant to replace the guidance and skill of your local therapist. But if you're in that waiting period of "if" and "when" for your therapy services, we are here to fill the gap. For those who are already receiving therapy services, use our resources as a supplement to the therapy your child is already receiving in the clinic. For those who have completed therapy, use our resources as a tool to maintain the skills and strength your child acquired. And lastly, for those just looking for a way to help your child be stronger and better overall, this website is made for you too.



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